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  1. Download complete wage and income transcripts including account transcripts from the IRS computers. 
  2. Review specific tax years and find out the amount owed per year along with the amount of penalties for that year
  3. Determine if clients is in que for collections and or a revenue officer
  4. Find out if any liens are on customer credit report and or assets
  5. Find out the Collection Statue Expiration dates aka (CSED)
  6. Information on why the client owes for that specific years, like was it under withholding, audit, not reporting all of the income that was reported to the IRS 
  7. Analyze wage and income to determine eligibility for a specific resolution like OIC or CNC 
  8. Find out if client has any unfiled tax returns for specific years 
  9. The specific reason for balances the IRS claims and the amount of penalties, example if client did not file the return and the IRS filed for them an SFR
  10. Send client a detailed investigation report on how to handle the balances and a plan of resolution. 
  11. Release all transcripts via email or snail mail to client
  12. A professional consultant will reach out via phone to give you a personalized plan of attack on how to get rid of penalties and or the tax balance by providing a financial analysis and how we can strategically execute it. 
  13. Any missing years must be filed before any type of resolution and un filed tax years can be considered criminal by the IRS
  14. Place a courtesy collection hold for 30 days with an 8821 on file
  15. Send the client a case review on the complete investigation and the resolution options (this is done before the consultant call)