Business Taxes

Business Taxes

Don’t Mess With the IRS Regarding Your Business Taxes

941 Payroll, IDES Unemployment or 1120 Returns – We Can Get You A Fair Resolution Fast! If you have received a notice from the IRS regarding your 941 payroll taxes, IDES Unemployment taxes, or un-filed corporate 1120 returns, you need to call us now! If so, it is almost certain you’ll be receiving an in-person visit from an IRS Agent in the near future – if they haven’t already paid you a visit. Don’t wait for that knock on your door. Call Federal Tax Relief - we’ll work directly with the IRS on your behalf to resolve your business tax filing problems. As a business owner, one of the worst problems you can face are tax problems. The IRS aggressively pursues business tax violations and the penalties are far more severe than most other tax-related problems. The IRS can and will place a lien on your business bank accounts – or worse, they even seize your business.

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  • 941 payroll tax problems? We can help!
  • State Unemployment tax problems? We can help!
  • Problems with your 1120 S-Corp or C-Corp tax filings? We can help!
  • Independent Contractor Payroll Tax Problems? We can help!

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The Consultation is FREE and There is No Obligation! Call the certified tax experts at Federal Tax Relief. We know how to negotiate with the IRS for a fair payroll tax resolution.

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