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We believe that every tax situation deserves our full attention.  Regardless of your situation, you can count on Federal Tax Relief to be on your side.

Approach to Tax Resolution

We start by having our in-house Tax Specialists contact the IRS or State Tax Offices on behalf of our clients to find out what exactly the tax amounts that are showing as due and if there are any years of unfiled tax returns.

Very Simple Fees

When the tax amount due is determined, the fee for representation and potential resolution is just 10 percent of the back due tax.

What You Can Expect

Federal Tax Relief Offers the Highest Level of Moral Standards, Integrity, and Customer Service. Regardless of how much you owe in taxes, rest assured knowing Federal Tax Relief can help you. 

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Courteous, Patient and Pleasant to Work With

I am very pleased with the Customer Service that “Nicole Woodall” provided. For the first time since trying to consult my Student Loans, I have encountered someone who was not arrogant, and did not make me feel like a fool. She was courteous, patient and pleasant to work with. She kept me in the loop as to the steps needed. I wish her well and hope that others can experience her matter ism she provided throughout the process. You as a company for many that seek help from the experienced individual should train these individuals as to how they talk and make others feel. Very pleased with Ms. Woodall.

Bertha A. Yanez

Professional and Helpful

I was able to be assisted by Ms. Nicole W today. She was very professional and helpful

Steve Harvey